Westwords Merchandise

Westwords now has MERCH! 👕👜🎊✨💫 Is your wardrobe missing a tee or hoodie with the crossworld’s cutest (ioho) logo? Does your pencil and/or mug collection need a reno? Would a sticker make your life complete? WE GOT U!!!

Our Zazzle store already has a few dozen products, many of which are available in multiple colors. Some even let you edit the design to add backgrounds from Zazzle’s catalog -- like, check out these versions of our totes????? 😲🥲

We can also add more products, so if there’s something you wish you could order, let us know; it just depends on what Zazzle offers. (Speaking of: all orders are fulfilled & managed by Zazzle, so refer to their website and resources if you have Qs about product details, shipping, etc.)

Happy shopping, and thank you for your support!